Wailing to Dancing, the Son has Risen

“Can he do that even now, though?” I asked, lifting my head to look at The James a little better. We had just read a Psalm together and it spoke of God having turned wailing into dancing and it seemed to be like the Psalmist was in a world of the past and we only… Continue reading Wailing to Dancing, the Son has Risen

When There Aren’t Words to Pray

Just before an exam this past semester, I found myself sitting on the floor of the room I was studying in with friends with tears running down my face. I couldn’t quite form words and truth be told, if I could, I’d probably have chosen not to. Panic had gripped me and though I could… Continue reading When There Aren’t Words to Pray

Three Years Free: I Used To Hide.

Today marks three years freedom from self-harm. I’m stoked. I’m thankful. I’m flipping overwhelmed that God’s gotten me this far. I used to hide. I used to shrink away any chance I got. The most beautiful of days were marred by anxiety about what would happen if my sleeve happened to slip up to reveal… Continue reading Three Years Free: I Used To Hide.

Who’s in Control?

In moments where we struggle for words, and in situations that are beyond words, it is possible to find ourselves uttering the pithy phrase, “God is in control.” as if His control fixes the problem; as if those words are enough to sooth the pain of a bleeding world. The words have been spoken to… Continue reading Who’s in Control?

#Kony2012 & what’s missing in this movement.

There’s a command in the Psalms. God says, “Be still and know I am God.” It’s not written in the midst of a sunny day sitting on the beach without a care in the world, it’s written in the middle of war. And yet, God commands that we know that HE is God – and… Continue reading #Kony2012 & what’s missing in this movement.