Marriage is… Hard

(We’ve already talked about how marriage is good, so if you’ve missed that, start there!) Marriage is hard. The reality is that when two people get married, it’s two sinners from different backgrounds becoming one household. Two people who grew up in two families with two different ways of doing things and two different ways… Continue reading Marriage is… Hard

On The Eve of Discounted Chocolate

Tomorrow, friends, there will be discounted chocolate in the stores. It’s an exciting day for us all, isn’t it? The anticipation of discount chocolate that’s emblazoned with cheesy slogans or wrapped in red aluminum foil is killing me! But with the discount tomorrow comes the spectacle that is today, and the spectacle that is Valentine’s… Continue reading On The Eve of Discounted Chocolate

Engaging with the Mirror

I remember a conversation we had during marriage prep about our bodies. The minister asked us how comfortable we were with the thought of being naked around each other. The James shrugged and said, “not worried at all, what’s there to worry about?” and I sat there silently as I listed off each and every… Continue reading Engaging with the Mirror

Mythbusting: Children of Divorce

A teenager sits and listens to his parents explain to him that they aren’t in love anymore. They sit on separate couches and glance awkwardly at each other as they try to make this a gentle moment for their son rather than a traumatic one, but their son heard the way they fought only a… Continue reading Mythbusting: Children of Divorce