Wailing to Dancing, the Son has Risen

"Can he do that even now, though?" I asked, lifting my head to look at The James a little better. We had just read a Psalm together and it spoke of God having turned wailing into dancing and it seemed to be like the Psalmist was in a world of the past and we only … Continue reading Wailing to Dancing, the Son has Risen


A Post-Wedding Post For Those Curious

Surprisingly, getting married a few weeks after finishing a degree hasn't made it onto the list of mistakes I've made. There were a few moments where it inched towards a bad idea but it never really made it there. The paragraphs following are about how The James & I did the whole wedding thing. There's … Continue reading A Post-Wedding Post For Those Curious

Chasing Joy.

You know how there are some people who remind you of important things that you easily forget? The friend that tells you that you need to buy milk, or reminds you that there's an essay due next week, or the friend that tells you to chase after joy in everything - even in training for … Continue reading Chasing Joy.