Chapters & Stories That End

Netflix is buffering and there’s 15:13 left of 13 Reasons Why on the television screen and my heart is heavy in the way that the writers intended it to be. I’m thinking about friendships that have dragged me through dark days in such a way that suicide not once crossed my mind. I’m thinking about… Continue reading Chapters & Stories That End

Wailing to Dancing, the Son has Risen

“Can he do that even now, though?” I asked, lifting my head to look at The James a little better. We had just read a Psalm together and it spoke of God having turned wailing into dancing and it seemed to be like the Psalmist was in a world of the past and we only… Continue reading Wailing to Dancing, the Son has Risen

Speak, Please

This Saturday, 10th September, is World Suicide Prevention Day. This is my plea for you to speak the words you’ve been afraid of anyone hearing. Have you ever bit your tongue to stop words from tumbling out? They’re trying to escape your mouth but the last thing you want is for someone to know what’s… Continue reading Speak, Please

Two Picnics, Worlds Away

There was a picnic in a park to celebrate Easter. Christians getting together as God’s family, playing and laughing and enjoying each other’s company whilst celebrating their saviour. It seems to be a mirror of my own Sunday. After church a group of us stayed around and got chicken and chips. There was an Easter… Continue reading Two Picnics, Worlds Away

Of mist & battles

It feels a little bit like you’re trapped inside yourself. Your thoughts move slowly and you desperately wish you could shake the clouds away, or run far away from them, but they’re all you can see and escape feels impossible. You can’t escape this moment. You’re stuck with it. In it. And you stay there.… Continue reading Of mist & battles