Don’t Waste the World

God made the world, and it was good. You don't need to read far into the Bible to get that picture. In fact, it's literally the first chapter. Sin changed everything and that means that the world is as broken as the people who live in it but humans still have the task of looking … Continue reading Don’t Waste the World


On Being Busy

For the last four years I've spent my life chasing deadlines. Even Summer holidays were full of work and my mind was taken up with thoughts of how to make ends meet financially whilst keeping afloat academically and then there was the whole relational element of life to deal with. I was tired constantly, but … Continue reading On Being Busy

Enjoying God

There's been talk at church lately about enjoying God. It's a conversation that I'm so happy to be a part of, and it's a conversation that by God's grace I stumbled into at just the right time. We've been looking at ways to enjoy God, and not simply the things he gives us. We've been … Continue reading Enjoying God

The Other.

They stand at the edge of a gathering, arms folded across their stomach awkwardly as they watch people milling around the room to greet one another. Their eyes gaze ever so slightly downwards in an effort to avoid eye contact and the awkward smile that inevitably follows as they are identified as someone who doesn't … Continue reading The Other.