Wailing to Dancing, the Son has Risen

"Can he do that even now, though?" I asked, lifting my head to look at The James a little better. We had just read a Psalm together and it spoke of God having turned wailing into dancing and it seemed to be like the Psalmist was in a world of the past and we only … Continue reading Wailing to Dancing, the Son has Risen


Two Picnics, Worlds Away

There was a picnic in a park to celebrate Easter. Christians getting together as God's family, playing and laughing and enjoying each other's company whilst celebrating their saviour. It seems to be a mirror of my own Sunday. After church a group of us stayed around and got chicken and chips. There was an Easter … Continue reading Two Picnics, Worlds Away


  When I first started coming to church, I didn't understand communion. It was a strange ritual. Bread, wine (or rather, grape juice) and the same words often used each time until they felt like an echo of the last time they were spoken, and the last time was an echo of the first time … Continue reading Communion.

This Weekend…

This weekend, church workers are busy. They are trying to do their best to proclaim the gospel in an accurate, engaging and memorable way. They are scrambling to connect. They are praying for effect. And among all of it, there can be this buzz of anxiety and stress that it just isn't enough - that … Continue reading This Weekend…

The Church.

Today I spent some time looking at an application for a theological college. There are a lot of questions on there. A few I've left for the moment because they seem like the type of questions I should sit at a desk to answer, but there's one that God gripped me with. It was this: … Continue reading The Church.