Five Ways to Adventure Through Advent

Christmas is coming. I don't want to alarm you, but there are only 100 days until the day is upon us. Surely that fact has made your brain twist and turn with all the things that need to be done before Christmas morning. There are presents to buy! There are decorations to dig out! There … Continue reading Five Ways to Adventure Through Advent



The presents are sitting under trees today. Tiny hands have curled around them in moments when parents weren't watching, trying to guess what is contained underneath the bright wrapping paper and pretty ribbons. The carols are beginning to fade out in shopping centres, drowned by the noise of last minute shoppers as they scamper to … Continue reading Waiting.


You give me hope, in spite of everything... There are a million reasons why we should let go of hope. There are a million reasons why giving up makes much more sense than holding on. There are a million people who have given up hope before you and they seem okay, don't they? Perhaps hope … Continue reading Hope.

One Year.

When you read this it will be a day later than I wrote it thanks to the great tool of scheduled posting on WordPress. Today, the 23rd December, is one year since I had my first interview for the position I currently hold at church. It's an odd day for me to remember, but when … Continue reading One Year.