Five Ways to Adventure Through Advent

Christmas is coming. I don’t want to alarm you, but there are only 100 days until the day is upon us. Surely that fact has made your brain twist and turn with all the things that need to be done before Christmas morning. There are presents to buy! There are decorations to dig out! There… Continue reading Five Ways to Adventure Through Advent

Don’t Waste the World

God made the world, and it was good. You don’t need to read far into the Bible to get that picture. In fact, it’s literally the first chapter. Sin changed everything and that means that the world is as broken as the people who live in it but humans still have the task of looking… Continue reading Don’t Waste the World

Community & Vulnerability

Today there is a lot on my mind. I am wondering about community and the power of it. I am wondering about vulnerability and the need for it within communities. I am wondering how our relationship with God effects our ability to interact vulnerably within our communities. Something happened over the weekend that hurt a school community… Continue reading Community & Vulnerability

NFL… Life. Uh huh.

This is how I watch a lot of football games. It’s not as exciting as watching the game on TV, and definitely not as interesting as being there… but it does keep me up to date on what’s happening and when. It’s sufficient. I’m not exactly invested in this game, either. I want the Saints… Continue reading NFL… Life. Uh huh.