Are You Okay?

Smooth Criminal is a song constantly sung in my household. Never the whole song, but the hook goes on and on around here... "Are you otay, Annie?" I honestly don't remember where it came from. It could be from a camp where we met a kid named Annie, but I think it was before that. … Continue reading Are You Okay?


Can We Stop Shouting?

I hate having conversations across the apartment. You have to shout, and the other person does too, and then the words get distorted and the volume ends up making the whole exchange aggressive, even if the conversation is about what to have for dinner. It makes all the difference when we take a few steps … Continue reading Can We Stop Shouting?


IF hope comes from above, then somebody better change the channel. All we can see at the moment is rain. Kay Dibben, The floods in Queensland just keep getting worse, it seems. Julia Gillard addressed the media yesterday, saying among other things that we need to brace ourselves for more bad news. A teenage … Continue reading …Floods…