Let’s Talk.

New church, new town, new friends. Same me, right? I had a dream a few weeks ago that some old scars became fresh wounds and one of my new friends from church saw them and reacted badly. The dream stuck with me, and I couldn't shake the image of both the wounds and his stunned … Continue reading Let’s Talk.


Is it about you?

God just doesn’t complete me like he used to. Someone I care about told me recently that God doesn’t complete her like he used to. My immediate response, at least in my mind, was a catch phrase used in a theology lecture about worship last year; “It’s not about you, stupid.” I didn’t verbalise this … Continue reading Is it about you?


There are moments that freeze you. Your heartbeat quickens but your body is stuck, even though all you want to do is run and hide. Eventually you respond, and there's another moment... You hold your breath, everyone else freezes and finally, life resumes but you still haven't recovered. I had one of those this week. … Continue reading Exposed