House & Home

I've spent a lot of time over the last week indulging in my favourite holiday habit - DVD watching. I've watched two seasons of House and have wondered more than once if it's possible to be a youth pastor and be as sarcastic as house. The response when I said it out loud was something … Continue reading House & Home

Easter weekend means a few things - chocolate, an extra gathering with church family and a specific time to remember and celebrate Jesus' death on the cross and resurrection. I love all of those things, and not in a cheesy youth pastor way, but in the way that I woke up this morning and really, … Continue reading

Let’s Talk.

New church, new town, new friends. Same me, right? I had a dream a few weeks ago that some old scars became fresh wounds and one of my new friends from church saw them and reacted badly. The dream stuck with me, and I couldn't shake the image of both the wounds and his stunned … Continue reading Let’s Talk.

Is it about you?

God just doesn’t complete me like he used to. Someone I care about told me recently that God doesn’t complete her like he used to. My immediate response, at least in my mind, was a catch phrase used in a theology lecture about worship last year; “It’s not about you, stupid.” I didn’t verbalise this … Continue reading Is it about you?