Table, Tea & Hospitality

There's a table in my apartment. It's a picnic table turned dining table, painted blue and teal and pink. It was made by my husband and some church friends. There are names scribbled underneath it of those who have shared a meal around it, and just months after the table was made there are already … Continue reading Table, Tea & Hospitality


From Textbook to Life-Giving… Again

Before I started studying at Youthworks, I had this idea that going to Bible college would fill me with endless energy to read the Bible and endless zeal for the task at hand. It didn't. It was even more difficult to discipline myself to spend time in the Word. It only got harder when Moore … Continue reading From Textbook to Life-Giving… Again

Psalm Cuddles 101 (Or, Why Reading the Bible with your Spouse is Important)

I used to think that people who said they read the Bible with their significant other were lying, or had achieved a level of super-holiness that I could never hope to reach. It wasn't something that I'd ever seen happen, and even though I was convinced that time in God's word alone matter heaps, the … Continue reading Psalm Cuddles 101 (Or, Why Reading the Bible with your Spouse is Important)


I'm sad about Chester Bennington, but I didn't know him. I'm sad because someone who helped me fight could no longer fight himself. But I'm hopeful that maybe, just maybe, this tragedy will remind some of the many who spent years in the past with Linkin Park reminding them that they weren't alone in the battle that it's okay to keep fighting.