Five Ways to Adventure Through Advent

Christmas is coming. I don't want to alarm you, but there are only 100 days until the day is upon us. Surely that fact has made your brain twist and turn with all the things that need to be done before Christmas morning. There are presents to buy! There are decorations to dig out! There … Continue reading Five Ways to Adventure Through Advent


Eight Reasons to Attend Thetacon

If you're in youth ministry, you should attend Thetacon. I couldn't decide whether or not to attend, and so I engaged in one of my least favourite activities - pro and con lists. Upon writing this list, I discovered that there were pretty much no reasons to not attend and a whole lot of reasons … Continue reading Eight Reasons to Attend Thetacon

One story.

A lot of time over my life has been spent sitting on the floor. Different floors for each moment, but nevertheless, floors play a huge part in my story. I used to lie on my floor and read books as a kid; I used to sit on the floor with my back to the door … Continue reading One story.