Table, Tea & Hospitality

There's a table in my apartment. It's a picnic table turned dining table, painted blue and teal and pink. It was made by my husband and some church friends. There are names scribbled underneath it of those who have shared a meal around it, and just months after the table was made there are already … Continue reading Table, Tea & Hospitality


Two Hours I’ll Never Get Back

It's that time again, when the flimsy piece of paper that declares me to be safe to do ministry becomes rendered useless and I need to sit through a two hour refresher course in Safe Ministry again. Two hours worth of information that I've already heard. Two hours worth of information that makes my heart … Continue reading Two Hours I’ll Never Get Back

Enjoying God

There's been talk at church lately about enjoying God. It's a conversation that I'm so happy to be a part of, and it's a conversation that by God's grace I stumbled into at just the right time. We've been looking at ways to enjoy God, and not simply the things he gives us. We've been … Continue reading Enjoying God

The Other.

They stand at the edge of a gathering, arms folded across their stomach awkwardly as they watch people milling around the room to greet one another. Their eyes gaze ever so slightly downwards in an effort to avoid eye contact and the awkward smile that inevitably follows as they are identified as someone who doesn't … Continue reading The Other.


If you live in Sydney, you should head down to the Maritime Museum to check out their Titanic exhibition. I'm not crazy about the movie, but the exhibition brought the real story of it to life for me. Lists of passengers who survived, contrasted with those who died, photos of survivors - including two children … Continue reading Iceberg!

Conversations: a few muddled thoughts about church & depression

Depression. The word is often muttered quietly in conversations; an awkward confession made between close friends, mumbled for fear of being overheard, heart racing and palms sweating at the thought of losing a friend because it's not something anyone should have to deal with, it isn't something you want to deal with yourself - let … Continue reading Conversations: a few muddled thoughts about church & depression