Review: Birds & Bees By The Book

  I've heard it said that teaching children takes more effort than teaching adults, because you need to make complicated ideas comprehendible and that's a skill that takes a lot of work. That's why when I saw that Patricia Weerakoon had written books for parents to read with children, I couldn't help but be curious about … Continue reading Review: Birds & Bees By The Book


Of Conversations & Modesty.

Modesty is a buzzword in the Christian community, and it has been for a while. Nights at youth group have been dedicated to teaching girls to dress in a way that doesn't tempt the boys, and quiet words are spoken to those whose dress could cause one to stumble. I want to affirm that we … Continue reading Of Conversations & Modesty.

His Label Lies.

I love People of the Second Chance. They're releasing a series of confronting photos about label makers, and defying the labels others & ourselves give... those that lie. Check out their campaign. You won't regret it.  "Worthless," he tells himself. "Unlovable." he thinks when he looks in the mirror. Labels - lies -  that others … Continue reading His Label Lies.

Prayer with Kids

Tonight I had the privilege of praying with children. It was something I was dreading a little, because I'm tired and worn down from the flu. I went to church tonight, anyway, because looking after children can't be that big of a deal, right? Oh, how wrong I can be. It is a big deal. But, mostly, … Continue reading Prayer with Kids