From Textbook to Life-Giving… Again

Before I started studying at Youthworks, I had this idea that going to Bible college would fill me with endless energy to read the Bible and endless zeal for the task at hand. It didn't. It was even more difficult to discipline myself to spend time in the Word. It only got harder when Moore … Continue reading From Textbook to Life-Giving… Again


Proverbs 31, the Invisible Rival

She's pretty and well-dressed and she's smart and she's creative and she's kind and she's successful and she's the invisible rival of so many Christian women. She's the Proverbs 31 woman, whose to do-list is ever growing but always empty by the end of the day. The thought of Proverbs 31 is one that causes … Continue reading Proverbs 31, the Invisible Rival

Jephthah & Me

Jephthah fascinates me in the same way that the Bachelor fascinates me. The account of his life in Judges is cringeworthy, each twist and turn making me certain that it'd be better to close the Bible rather than continue and find out how it ends. I know how it's going to end. The Bachelor will … Continue reading Jephthah & Me

Doubt Your Doubts

My lecturer leaned forward, his face thoughtful and his lips curled into his characteristic smile. "The Psalmist is telling us that it's okay to doubt our faith, as long we we doubt our doubts." Within a few seconds he had moved on, but God had implanted those words firmly into my mind, and three years … Continue reading Doubt Your Doubts