Beautiful You.

You’ve been taught over your lifetime that to be beautiful is to be the same. You’ve been taught that to deviate is to disappear from worthiness. You’ve been taught that your value is formed by the size of your waistline and the smoothness of your skin. You’ve been sold a lie for the sake of companies selling products to you. You. Beautiful you, you’ve been sold a lie.

Because the body that you’ve been taught to loathe is the body that carries you through all your days. Your smile inhabits that body, you see. When you smile, you don’t just do it with your lips but with your whole self. The way your shoulders lift a little because for a moment you don’t feel the need to become smaller, the way your eyes light up and the way that your whole self leans towards the cause of your smile.

Your heart inhabits that body, too. Your heart that pumps blood all day and night long, the heart that responds to rushes of adrenaline and works double time when you’re exercising because you just want to be one step better than the day before. That heart that sustains you, but also sustains others with the ferocious love it has to give. It’s that heart that causes you to drop everything and go to your friend in need. It’s that heart that chases after ways to change the world – whether it’s your own or someone else’s or everyone else’s.

But your body isn’t just a vessel for what’s inside. Your body itself is strong and beautiful in all its intricacies. The curves and the scars and the freckles and the wrinkles and every single part of it that makes it uniquely you and yours. You’ve been taught to hate it and to hide it and to change it to fit with what the billboards say beauty is, but you must not listen. You must not.

You. Beautiful you. Your body is precious and your worth does not change when you do not conform to the norm. But if you don’t believe me, then look to someone you adore. Look to your friends and look to your family and remind them that they are beautiful, with all their perfect “imperfections”. Tell them all that you love of them, of their inner and outer self, and maybe one day we’ll all see a bit more beauty in ourselves…

Perhaps, if I can remind you of your beautiful you… I’ll remember the beautiful me, too.



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