Weary Wanderer

1You are so tired that your bones ache, yet your heart races from the anxiety that has been your constant companion these last days. You are alive with anxieties and aching for rest. Oh, you ache so much for that rest that eludes you. You reach for it every night, bundled up in the sheets, hoping desperately that this time it works, but the hope is unrealised and instead you count sheep for so long that it seems as though you could be counting the stars that hang in the sky.

Weary wanderer, come home. You don’t have to go anywhere to come home. Your heart is searching for some place of refuge, but all you need to do is to remain right where you are. Jesus spoke to his followers once, the evening before he was arrested, and the constant refrain of his words to them was one word ‘remain’. Remain in me. Remain in me.

Remain in me. Remain in me.

Remain in me.

Simply, remain.

The thing about remaining, weary wanderer, is that it does not require you to venture farther than you are. You have been searching and running and chasing long enough. To remain, you must be still. In spite of your nervous, twitching toes and your racing heart, you must find a way to remain in Him; to be still in Him; to trust Him with your frayed nerves and racing heart.

It won’t be easy. It will not make the ache dissipate. But you will not be alone in your sorrow. You will not be alone in the ache. Weary wanderer, remain in He who will carry you when you cannot stand. Remain. He will not let you fall. You will never escape His gaze, nor will He tire of caring for you.

You need only remain.


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