See You Later

I’ll see you later. See you tomorrow! See you soon. 

Words can be promises. We speak these phrases again and again over our days and we speak them without thought and without hesitation. But there is a promise embedded in these words – a promise of more, of tomorrow, of what is to come. I’ve been thinking about these promises lately. I’ve been thinking about if I mean these words with all of my being or if they slip off my tongue like a half-hearted, “Yeah, I’m good. How are you?” to a check out chick.

I think I mean them, though. I think I mean these words. One day recently was spent with a precious friend. We explored Sydney like it was our first time there, marvelling at the Harbour Bridge and Opera House in the middle of fog that filled the air. It was raining for then, but we were smiling. The fog wasn’t in our minds – our minds were clear of depression for that day. We got on a carousel and giggled, we traipsed around the Chinese Gardens taking silly photos, and at the end of the day, I walked with her to the bus stop and we embraced.

“I’ll see you soon.” I said, arms squeezing slightly.

She nodded. “How about New Years Eve?”

And plans were made. Plans that come from the promise of soon, of tomorrow, of later.

In this time of celebration, if you find yourself feeling alone or lonely or unwanted, please know that you are loved and welcome and that this world needs you. We do. Honestly. In this time, we think of promises for the New Year, but how about a promise just for tomorrow?

Hold onto the promise of tomorrow – give someone else the promise of tomorrow. Every time you utter those words of farewell, remember the welcome that they whisper of.

I’ll see you later, right?

Maybe even tomorrow.



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