For Alex & Kurtis

There’s this buzz around weddings that says that this very day is the highlight of your forever, that this day defines every day forward, that this day is your happily ever after proclamation and that the rest matters much less than these photos that will sit framed on your walls forever. The buzz is just buzz and in the coming months and years when the buzz fades, that’s the truly significant time.

Today, your wedding day, is not to be celebrated because of dresses and kisses and food that will be forgotten, but it’s to be celebrated because today is the first day of your life together. Your life together, that will begin with ‘I will’ and continue with whispers of ‘I do’ each and every day as you love and serve one another. And oh, I’m sure there will be early mornings in the next six months that will have you struggling to live out those vows, but there’s something beautiful about making these vows before God.

These vows are not vows of law, but vows of love, and love is all those things that 1 Corinthians 13 tells us it is. God is love, too, and He is the one who is in charge of your wedding. He is the one who is in charge of your marriage. And he delights in you as you delight in one another. These vows and this good, glorious God will guide your steps together for the rest of your lives and today, as there is buzz about the dress and that first married kiss and the honeymoon to come, please know that in that joy there is just as much joy and anticipation for what is to come – for those nights when you talk about nothing important but simply relish the company, for those days when you go on adventures together and laugh until you cry a little, for those moments when sadness strikes you silent and all you can do is sit with one another.

Today, you’re getting married. There are dresses and suits and festivities and food and most importantly, you are there. You and the one you love, under the One who is Love. And this is the first day of a lifetime to come.

And for this reason, we celebrate your wedding day.

Alex & Kurtis (or is it Kurtis & Alex? I never know what order to do this), congratulations. Today is the day we celebrate the rest of your lives, and oh, what a life is will be!


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