These college days are defined by people. I’d like to weave prose about how much I adore sitting down and reading for hours, or how much I enjoy working through the five million uses of the genitive in Greek, but I cannot do so. I cannot lie like that, because while those hours of work bear great fruit, the people who fill the hours with their presence are what make college what it is.

These days filled with too much tea and proclamations about making snow angels whilst an avalanche of Greek hangs tediously above our heads make my heart lighter when my head wants to hang low because it’s simply too full.

These people who remind me that Jesus loves me, and that He is enough to sustain me through everything. This reminder came most recently as we stood with boxing gloves on, punching away the tension that we couldn’t help but feel. I get to remind them too. We get to remind each other over pomegranate frozen yoghurt and cups of tea.

Exams are coming up, and I’m terrified. We’re expected to be competent enough at Greek once this exam is done and I’m worried that the words will turn into a blur. We’re expected to recollect the reformation with ease and I’m concerned that all I can do is quote Luther and gush about how flipping great he is.

But all this aside, these college days are a joy because of the people God has placed here. We are a community of people who pray and support and laugh. We are a community that find ourselves standing together, even when we don’t always know what to do with one another.

For all this, I am thankful.



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