Does It Matter?

Today I felt like I never really woke up. The day passed in a blur of words and movements that never quite stuck to my consciousness. The steady rhythm of boxing gloves against focus pads didn’t shake me. The strong taste of a long black with an extra shot did nothing to bring the world into focus. Escape into another universe where Kaladin is an nsung hero and Shallan is a fraud did nothing to help me.

As I sat on the train home from work, I let my mind drift and began to wonder what the point of these moments is. Every day rolls into another and every moment gives way to the next. Sunrises turn into sunsets and the sunrise finds itself forgotten. When life simply rolls on, what point is there to anything we do?


A sunset, of all things, dragged me from my thoughts. The train tumbled over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and I caught a glimpse of the skyline. Town Hall station is the worst part of a train trip for  me. The previously near empty carriage fills and the remaining time to Central leaves me feeling suffocated and sweaty. This time, instead of staying on at Town Hall, I got off and walked quickly to the harbour to be greeted by the sunset in all it’s splendour.

If moments didn’t matter, then this would at least be a nice, pointless moment. But then I remembered that none of my thoughts were new, they are just an echo of the Teacher’s words in Ecclesiastes… His searching left him to conclude that our job is to enjoy our days under the sun and remember our Creator. And there in the stillness of a Sydney sunset, God reminded me that moments matter, that people matter, that He made them to matter.


You see, the whole scope of the Bible leaves us knowing that God cares for us. Jesus’ ministry shows us in detail those He cared for. Jesus’ life was made up of moment after moment, and each of those moments bought us life… His resurrection, the most climactic moment of all, gave our dry bones life again, and so it matters.

Each moment matters. Not in a life or death way. Not in a history book way. But each moment matters because He says it does. Each moment matters because He is the one who ordained each of them.


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