Charlotte Dawson

Charlotte Dawson is dead.

There are news stories that tell you more, but there isn’t really much that they can say when it comes down to it. What can we say?

The circumstances weren’t suspicious.

She was found in her home.

She had a long, public struggle with mental health.

She was perpetually a victim of cyber bullying.

I don’t understand how our society thinks anonymity makes bullying okay. I cannot comprehend how our culture allows for cruel words that at best hurt, and at worst, kill, to be spoken without calling someone to account for the consequences of their words.

Most of all, I refuse to believe that this is just the way of the world. Sure, we can talk about sin and this is an appropriate time to talk about it, but first, can we be angry?

Can we be angry that we’ve let it come to this? Can we be angry that we’ve let this culture develop without actively fighting it? Can we stand up and realise that our words matter, even to those supposedly ‘untouchable’ celebrities who we expect to stand by and allow us to tear them down day by day?

Please, can we not let another person die because we as a culture promote cruelty, or at the very best, passively allow it? Can we speak up and speak out about mental health so that instead of perpetuating the shame, we encourage health and help?


Can we not let this tragic death go to waste? Life should never become so unbearable that ambiguous headlines are written regarding their death.

Stand up. Speak up. Stop perpetuating this culture of cruelty.


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