We Remember

I spent today trying to find these words. They’re not much. But they were written whilst listening to the Hobbit soundtrack… So that’s something, right?

Sinking hearts and shocked words marked today, punctuated by prayers spoken in trembling voices and embraces that expressed more than our voices could. A dear friend, teacher and brother was taken from us last night. Suddenly, he was gone, and we are left grieving unexpectedly. This isn’t a loss we had considered. This man, to me, should have outlived us all without that oddly sincere smirk leaving his lips.

Yet we remember.

We remember to pray the Psalms and our voices with those generations before us as we utter “my soul waits for the Lord, more than watchmen for the morning… More than watchmen for the morning” and we know that his soul no longer waits like ours do, and so we pray expectantly those words we could not form if God had not given them to us. We know that weeping lasts the night, but there is joy in the morning. And oh, we wait. We pray those words fervently, and this is part of his legacy to us. A reminder that the Psalms are more than dry words; they are emotion and prayer and angst and reality. And they are a part of us.

We remember to keep thinking, and pushing, as we consider the Word and ministry. We spoke once of narratives, and the nature of interesting stories as those with complications. The Gospels are sweeping narratives, full of conflict and complications, and we often miss it, but I read the Bible differently these days – with more than a desire to find snippets that warm my heart, but wanting to see beyond my own vision to what the story is and what God would have me know because of it.

We remember much more than what I can say. We remember a man who pointed us to grace, Jesus, hope, laughter, and football. We remember a man who joked, who drank instant coffee, who served us unswervingly, and who loved his family, his college, and his God.

And we are thankful for what we remember. We do not grieve without hope; but we do grieve, and our souls wait for the Lord more than watchmen for the morning.


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