Breaking the Beast

The Beast is designed to break you and remake you. It’s designed to leave you gasping for breath and wondering if the finish line is actually fiction and you’ve entered Hell instead. The Beast broke me. It broke my body and my mind. But I can’t start the tale there. It has to begin at the beginning, doesn’t it?

I decided early this year that the Beast could wait until 2014. I can’t afford interstate travel and that put a Super medal out of my reach, so I decided to wait until I could get the coveted trifecta medal to tackle a Beast. Of course, underneath my cool rationality was an anxious fear that caused me to want to avoid it lest I fail in my attempt. I was prepared to hold off. Until a friend took away my excuses and told me that he knew I could do it.

Want the rest? Go to Women of Obstacle Racing!


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