Skinny yet?


Our culture tells us that if we reach the ideal, we will then know what it’s like to really live. If we reach that magical number, we will know what it is to laugh and be admired and fall in love. If we reach that ideal, then we’ll know.

And so, women spend large amounts of time striving to be skinny, or feeling guilty for not striving to be skinny. We spend our time desiring this ideal and wishing it would happen in the blink of an eye.

Today, in a sports store, I saw a singlet that said, ‘I’ve been dieting all morning. Am I skinny yet?’ And my stomach churned with a small anger as I desperately wished that a store that stands for fitness would seek such an item.

This idea that we deprive ourselves of food so we can become skinny is dangerous. We keep focusing on what we will lose – that is, weight, and in all likelihood, a healthy metabolism – instead of looking at what we could gain by living healthily.

When did we decide that skinny was better than healthy? And please, don’t cite the trend of ‘strong is the new skinny’ as evidence of otherwise, when the photos that go alongside that quote are often the same that could go alongside quotes about the elusive thigh gap. When did aesthetics become more important than anything else?

‘I’ve been dieting all morning. Am I skinny yet?’ needs to die. It needs to die now. It needs to be replaced by exclamations of joy and achievement. It needs to be replaced by delicious, nutritious food being eaten daily. It needs to be replaced by physical boundaries being surpassed day by day. It needs to be replaced by women who are fighting to gain life, gain joy, gain epic memories.

Forget skinny. Forget what weight you need to lose.
Live. Live healthy. Live well. Live epic.

It’s better…
And please don’t buy that singlet.


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