boxingThe satisfying sound of boxing glove against focus pad echoed around the grass outside the lecture theatre. It was a comforting sound – pounding, pounding, pounding, followed by the laughter and heavy breathing that comes after fifty hard hits. Boxing is something I adore. There’s a simplicity in the movements that is impossible to love, and for all the simplicity, it still gets your heart racing.

Yesterday I got to box with college friends, on the college lawn. It was a strange sight, but I hope for it to become a familiar one. I dearly loved those moments.

I remember conversations before coming to Moore College. I remember being told that it would take away my “spark” and shift my personality into something different, something more subdued, something less. I remember weighing up the decision to come, wondering if those people were right. But the thought of the hard work involved – the chance to learn Hebrew, the chance to think deeply, and let’s be honest, the chance to live in Newtown, so close to the city, drew me in.

I’ve found joy in this place. Joy in moments where my love of hard training sessions and life lived at theological college collide. These moments remind me that God would have us not simply study hard, but to live lives for His glory, and live them just as hard. Training hard seems simple, and when you add faith that changes your life to it, it shifts perspective a little bit. It smooshes these two universes that seem so separate into one and I remember that God would have me work hard at everything I do.

He would have me take care of this body He gave me.

He would have me delight in the endorphins that clear away clouds.

He would have me study hard so that I can share some of who He is with others.

He would have me live a life to His glory – no matter what I do.

Yesterday, it was boxing on the lawn where I normally go over Hebrew vocabulary… And that reminded me of this joy.

I’m thankful.




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