Colo(u)r Run



There are a lot of expectations placed upon us as ‘adult’ members of society. Dignity and composure are two such expectations. There are rare moments in which we are given permission to let go of expectations and instead just… be. There are even rarer days when you have spans of hours where this is possible. I’m not complaining about society expecting me to not do cartwheels in the middle of King St, but freedom to be able to do so if I wanted, without being frowned at by the majority… well, that’s something different and joyful.

Colo(u)r Run on Sunday was a chance to spend time with an old friend and her boyfriend, who turned out to be a new friend. Obstacle races have a competitive buzz to them that I adore, but the feeling of standing at a start line with no anxiety or nerves is a glorious one. We took photos of ourselves jumping in the air, we sang along with songs, we giggled at the awkward and hilarious button on Anna’s butt. This was not a race – heck, it wasn’t even a run.

But, it was freedom and fun.

For an hour, we danced and skipped our way through colours, rolling around on the ground and coating ourselves in the colours that swam around us. We made “colour angels” in the orange, and wriggled around in the pink. We spoke about nothing important at all, but these are the moments that are important simply by virtue of having nothing important within them. These times – when you are away from everything normal – allow you to forget troubles and make memories that almost feel like dreams.

When the colour had all fallen to the ground, we made our way back to Newtown and indulged in glorious, glorious pie from The Pie Tin, and ate it in a local park. The colour felt a little like a mask, giving us permission to be silly because, well, we looked silly so we might as well act in such a way!

Colo(u)r Run is not competitive. It is not challenging. But… it’s fun. And my heart was gladdened by it and still is each time I remember dancing through the pink clouds, free from expectation of composure and dignity, and simply… being.


One thought on “Colo(u)r Run

  1. greenwell13 says:

    I love those moments when you just get to check out of your head and enjoy things. I have just started trying to get in shape and have started running and as hard as it is to run I love the freedom I feel while I do it!


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