Worth The View

The hill is worth the view.

Today, I laid in bed and watched Doctor Who, and figured that it was okay to have a down day. I reasoned that, tomorrow would be better and I’d be able to go for a run and give it my all… tomorrow. Definitely not today. Today was for TV shows in the safety of my bed and nothing else. God told us to rest and so I should, right? Then I remembered that my theological education is not so that I can self justify – it’s so I can God glorify. With that slight boost of reason, I got out of bed and put on the least sad tights I own, slipped on the same shoes as I wore during Color Run yesterday, and ran to Sydney Park to take on some hill sprints.

My tactic with hill sprints is cruel and effective. I run to the bottom of a hill, and then go half way up, then back down, then 3/4 up, and then back down, then 1/2 way up, down, 3/4 up, down… Until my legs ache and my lungs burn. Only after I’ve repeated that the set amount of times do I let myself hit the top of the hill. Because, that view is earned at that point. That view is golden.

Tonight, that view was life to my weary soul.



The shining sunset over the city skyline took my breath away, more than the hill sprints did, and I stood and stared for a few moments, smiling and thanking God for these moments of bliss that solve nothing but change everything. I sprinted down the other side of the hill and made my way home. The clouds that had haunted me all day were blown away by the blast of endorphins and the simple clarity of a moment with the Creator God.

The hills… they’re worth the climb.



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