Battle of the Chicks: Round 5

In the last few weeks I’ve been able to see people working hard to not just compete against each other, but to compete against themselves. I’ve seen people run further than they thought they could and do more burpees than they wanted to. I’ve had creative WODs sent to me that included everything from line dancing, to playing cards, and of course, more burpees.
In the past week, people have re-submitted their times twice or even three times as they decided they could beat their previous time in 10 rounds of Hell. I’m amazed by the tenacity and strength of Spartan Chicks. I’m feeling pretty psyched that I’ve been able to facilitate some of their hard work and sweat. It’s a pretty special thing.
America have gotten their first score on the board thanks to Anita’s epic WOD. I’ll share that with you in a few weeks. It’ll be a great gamble of a challenge, and I know you’ll love/hate it as much as I have.
The score for the rounds stands as follows:
Canada 1
America 1
Australia 1
What’s next, you ask?
No. I’m kidding.
We’ve done enough burpees for now. It’s time for a break. Unless, you want to do more, in which case I applaud you! This week’s challenge is more about your mentality than your physicality. I was looking through some Under Armour advertisements. They’re all bearing the slogan ‘What’s Beautiful’ and they each say something different. The photos are of fit women being awesome.
The left a thought in my mind. “We should do that. Spartan Chicks should have a chance to share their thoughts on what’s beautiful.” And so the challenge is here. It’s a beauty contest. Take a photo of a training session this week – a photo of yourself being awesome, just as you are. No race photos, please. Just training photos. Send with the photo, your own “What’s beautiful…” statement. I’ll add them to the photos and post them all in one blog post. You’ll decide the winner yourselves. Here’s an example of one of the advertisements:
Miles-not-inchesWhat are you waiting for? Go be beautiful!
If you’re not signed up to recieve e-mails with the weekly challenges, then head over here to sign up.

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