Battle of the Chicks: Round 1

a016ed9b-ef90-44cc-99ca-3b28eb05197dwallpaperOver the last week, Spartan Chicks all over the world have been taking on the same challenge. It was a simple challenge:  Three rounds of 10 pull ups, 20 push ups, 30 sit ups, 40 squats and a 100m sprint. The Australians battled their way through in the cold and the rain, and even on the back of the Spartan Race Brisbane Super, to complete their challenge. The Canadians and Americans… well, I’m not sure how hard they battled. For all I know, it was sunny and warm.

The first round of the Battle of the Chicks is complete, and the standings are as follows.

3rd: Australia with an average time of 15minutes.

2nd: America with an average time of 14minutes

and the coveted 1st place went to none other than the Canadians, with an impressive average time of 13minutes.

The challenge for the next week involves everyone’s favourites – running and burpees. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to log as many KMs as you can running, and for every KM you do, give us 30 burpees. The most KMs and burpees wins.

You want in? Go here


9 thoughts on “Battle of the Chicks: Round 1

  1. Jennifer Ferguson says:

    hello – what a fun challenge! How do you want us to track the kms – just by the honour system and then submit? To clarify the dates as well is it Tuesday to Tuesday or Monday to Monday??


  2. Risa says:

    This sucks, but in that good way where you can bitch and moan- but you KNOW you are gonna give it your all… Sorry fellow Canadians, my running distances are paltry at best. And burpees? Lets just say we have a hate/hate relationship.

    T-rex hates burpees.



    • tamaracorine says:

      Bring it! I’m heading out for a 16km run today. It’s been a long time since I’ve taken on that distance.
      Let’s not discuss the burpees that will happen once I get back.

      Risa – I hate my OWN challenge!


      • Liz Loney says:

        Thank you for letting me cycle! total km cycling = 17 burpies = 255 some days I felt like all I did was burpies. What a week! my legs dislike me right now. Can’t wait for the next one! Liz (canada)


  3. Dana says:

    I am so glad this week is a distance challenge rather than time trial. I hate running but have been working on distance for a while in the lead up to the next TM in Melb. Anything speed related may be more of an issue


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