This Intimidating Place. This Community.

A few years ago, the Moore College School of Theology was on. It was about emotions, and I recall sitting at the side of the room furiously taking notes and constantly looking words up with Google because I just didn’t quite understand what they were trying to say. It was a strange place to sit and it was exciting to learn from minds that had so engaged with God and His word that they could present these new ideas to those present.

I walked away with the thought that I could never be part of this place. It was too advanced, too intense, and there were way too many words I didn’t understand that I’d spend more time in the dictionary than in the Word. These emotions were all reasonable, really. I still find Moore to be a place where the thinking is hard work, and the words are often too big.

What does volative mean, anyways?

Today, we had an early farewell for one of the lecturers. It involved laughter, tears and a song. Not for the first time I felt blessed to be part of this place; this community of people who strive to know their God better so that they might serve him better. It’s got me thinking. It’s got me thinking about the times when God taught me through the struggles to write essays at Youthworks College, and the joy of getting something finished. It’s got me thinking about the blessing that it is to be able to continue in such struggles to know and understand God and His word.

The laughter reminded me today of something I’m prone to forget. We’re not just a part of a tertiary institution. We’re part of a community that has memories and quirks and struggles and joys and songs and games and… life. There is life in this community because God is here among us. God gives us all we have.

And, this place that intimidated me so (and still does some days), has proven to be a community that I am blessed to be part of.

This week is open week at Moore. If you want to come check out the community here, it’s a good time. Check out the website for more information.


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