The Closed MTB Trail

20130524_161751 20130524_162914 20130524_16291820130524_16561320130524_163221 20130524_170501My heart pounded as we ran through the trail. It’s actually a mountain bike trail, but the rain during the day had closed it down. That made it the perfect opportunity to run along it without being hit by cyclists! I was nervous. My calves, even supported by compression sleeves, could end up forcing me to limp rather than run and this was the first real test of what they could do.

But we ran.

We sprinted over ramps built for bikes, and balanced along beams comfortably. We stopped and stretched to make sure muscles didn’t seize up and then kept going up a hill. We then raced to the car, and though I’m convinced my friend let me win, it felt good to race again. It felt good to be able to run without screaming pain in my calf muscle.

It was a slow run, yes, but it was a happy run. It was the sort of run that reminds me of why I love to run. Your heart races and your legs burn and the clouds that have clogged your mind for the last week suddenly clear as you feel more alive than you have since those clouds appeared. You explore somewhere you’ve never been and discover a gate that looks like it was built to be climbed. Of course, it wasn’t, but I climbed it anyway.

I used to do everything I could to hide; would never want to make a fool of myself. God has taught me that it’s okay to be joyful. It’s okay to laugh and run and climb and enjoy the world and the body he’s given me. It’s a good moment when you finally take advantage of God’s gift of endorphins to clear the fog that’s crowded your every moment for the last week or two.

We ran along a closed MTB trail. It can’t happen often, but on rainy days, I’m sure I’ll go back there and run and jump and sprint and laugh… because I’m learning to train and run and play whilst taking care of this frustrating leg. It’s going to take a while, but I’ll get there. Yesterday was a good step in the right direction, though.




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