Why Spartan?


With a cry of “aroo!” I scrambled under the last of the rows of barbed wire. Dizzy, frustrated, and ready to finish, I jumped over the fire clumsily and tried to look as timid as a could as I ran towards the gladiators that stood between me and my medal. They hit gently at first, then as I found myself past them, they hit me on the back and sent me stumbling across the finish, breathless, grinning and ready to rest.

“Why Spartan?” a friend asked me when I got home. “Why would you put yourself through such pain and frustration when you could spend a lazy day at home?” It’s a reasonable question, of course. No sane human being would subject themselves to such an ordeal without good reason.

What’s the answer, then?

Why Spartan?

Spartan because there’s not a more satisfying finish line.

Spartan because my body can take it, and it will.

Spartan because giving in and giving up are the worst ways to live.

Spartan because it teaches you to fight to get passed what’s hard.

Spartan because it’s a fight you can only win with physical strength, mental fortitude and a good dose of insanity.

That’s why I choose Spartan. It’s why I trudged through miles of mud to stumble across a finish line and collect the medal. It’s why I trained, it’s why I took care of an injury by resting and recovering. But, why Spartan?

Spartan isn’t just about the race. It’s about taking any challenge on with furious energy and determination. It’s about ripping you off the couch and getting you into something that scares the crap out of you.

That’s why.

Do you want to try Spartan?

I’ve got a free entry to any US Spartan Race up for grabs. All you need to do is answer the simple question, “Why do you want to be a Spartan?”

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15 thoughts on “Why Spartan?

  1. Kelly Sullivan says:

    I am a girl who used to weigh over 300 pounds. I have lost almost 200 pounds and gotten myself in ok shape. I run, I do half-marathons and even though I am proud to finish them… I feel there is something missing. What’s the challenge? Just empty road in front of me. Becoming a spartan would me I could really kick butt! Not only can I run, I could also climb, crawl, swim, jump, etc!


  2. Cheryl says:

    I do Spartan Races because I like to compete against myself and to set and meet goals. As a chip timed competitive event, I can track my progress and have fun testing my body against a variety of physical and mental obstacles.


  3. Sharla Hoff says:

    I did the Spartan AZ 2013 as reward for my son who struggles in school meeting his goal. We signed up and agreed to run our own race and meet at the end. It was a dream for him. Me on the other I knew I was in WAY over my head. I am overweight, have heart issues, have asthma, severe nerve damage to left foot and leg (from a compound fracture), a messed up elbow (broke 2 yrs ago) and had no real normal exercise in at least 10yrs. But I knew that I needed to do this race and finish come hell or high water to prove to myself, some friends, some family, and all those who told me “you cant complete that” or “this is a bad idea” that they have under estimated my drive, strength and potential. I was the slowest person out there that day, but it didn’t matter I knew that I just needed to keep going and the finish would eventually be in sight. As I pushed through I did a lot of self reflection. As a mother of 3 I often come last in my priorities. I realized then that it isn’t selfish to take time out to take care of myself or do things for me. These things will help to allow me a longer healthier life to spend more time with my kids.

    Since the Spartan (2/10/2013) I have started a transformation. I have exercised daily, fixed eating habits and gained some focus on my well being, increased my self esteem. I have lost over 11 inches round my stomach. I can jog/walk 2 miles at once (never could before), I can ride my bike 14 miles in 1 trip. I have completed random 5k races to add some fun into the daily routine. I completed the Las Vegas Biggest Looser 5k Off Road Challenge by Spartan (4/6/2013) conquering many of the obstacles I struggled with in AZ.

    In all Spartan has given “me ” back to myself. For that I will always be grateful and will look forward to my next Spartan race where again I can feel my own inner beast come alive and prove to myself I am strong enough, I am good enough, and I am worth it.


  4. Nicole Duden says:

    Why Spartan??? Because it brings out the best of me and the worst of me all at the same time. because my kids are watching and I tell them nothing should hold you back. So I am a Spartan mom… because it has given me courage when I didn’t know I had it… because AROO is the best after an obstacle or a set of burpees!


  5. Marquetta Valdez says:

    I do Spartan races to feel alive! There’s nothing more exhilarating than crossing the finishing line after crawling, running, sliding and climbing through miles of muddy hell. The look on all the guys faces as I cross the finish lline in front of them is also a plus. Training for the Texas Spartan beast last year helped me lose 45 pounds and take back control of my life.


  6. Patrice Chen says:

    I love doing Spartan races. I enjoy the challenge of it. Also being really small 5’2″ 105lbs it makes me feel really bad ass when I past the guys at the obstacles!


  7. Stacy Kishpaugh says:

    Because a year ago I was stuck in a very bad relationship and marriage of 10 years. I decided one day to not stand for it anymore, packed up my cat and my clothes and moved to start over. I do Spartans because I can. Because a year ago I couldn’t. And I’ll never put myself in a situation like that ever again. Spartan reminds me, even on my darkest days, that I am a lot stronger than I give myself credit for.


  8. Hilary says:

    Because a year ago I couldn’t. I’ve lost over a hundred pounds. On April 6th, 2013 I crossed the super spartan finish line. Now I’m determined to get the Trifecta. I’ve proven to myself that hard work pays off and when I wanted to quit at mile 5, I didn’t. All I could think about was the finish line.


  9. Alicia Azulay says:

    Because I think about those who can’t / like the victims of the marathon bombings and I want to always give gratitude for my physical abilities / spartan shows us all the amazing abilities of both our minds and bodies.


  10. Amy Lawson says:

    I love Spartan Races because they provide fuel for my training. I no longer go to the gym and workout. I train. I have a plan to get stronger and faster and better. I may not beat the best, but I beat the woman I was yesterday. My sons and my students see in me that getting older doesn’t mean getting fatter and more out of shape.


  11. Michael J Bacon says:

    My Spartan experience: I’m 50 this year. I was on the front side of 48 when I first did an OCR. My trainer suggested it. I won’t expound on the tough mudder that cancelled in Indiana in March 2012, but thats what led me to Spartan Race. What drives me is the adrenaline rush, the community of people, the opportunity to be as crazy as I want and push myself. I’m as US Soldier but nothing I have done, trained for or attempted in my military career has challenged me like Spartan Race. Now I train for Spartan Race and other OCRs, and you know what…..my PT test scores are higher and the events easier than they have ever been in 23 years of service. The feeling I get, even weeks before a race, is…..hard to describe. Only another OCR racer would know what I’m talking about. My heart beat quickens, endorphins surge and smile….a lot!

    The other thing is that I have the opportunity as a Street Team Member in the US, Slovakia and Australia, to tell others about this crazy sport that just about anyone can do. What other sports do you have where amputees and blind children race, run and have fun with alongside competition athletes….they become athletes just the same!

    I could go on for pages, but I won’t. Sign up, Show up and Spartan the F Up! You WILL know at the finish line. AROOO AROOO AROOO!


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