25 Ways To Procrastinate

  1. Eat Reese’s Pieces
  2. Open document of assignment you’re trying to avoid, then restart your computer for some strange reason
  3. Open document again and reward yourself with a cup of tea
  4. Go for a walk around Sydney Uni with a fellow procrastinator
  5. Drink a lot of water after the (not-so) strenuous walk
  6. Decide that you want to do something more than walk and proceed to do push ups
  7. Put photos of your awesome push up abilities on Instagram
  8. Decide to learn a new instrument. Search google for the strangest instrument possible. Then look for it on ebay.
  9. Alphabetise your bookshelf
  10. Read the blurbs of most of the books you own.
  11. Put a load of washing on
  12. Make more tea
  13. Look at GIFs of John Piper
  14. Play your new bass guitar
  15. Check how everyone else is going with their assignments
  16. Learn a new language. Perhaps Aramaic.
  17. Investigate the reasoning behind the backwards reading of Hebrew
  18. Draw a cartoon of the Hebrew word ‘YWH’ as a transformer
  19. Sort your wardrobe into colour order
  20. Have text conversations about important things, then devolve into silly things
  21. Set all your clocks back an hour so you have an excuse to hand the assignment in late
  22. Bake brownies
  23. Spend a good amount of time feeling bad for your constant procrastination
  24. Make your bed
  25. Write a list of 25 ways to procrastinate.

…Did I mention that I have an assignment due tonight?


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