Moments from Daydreams

When I was in high school, I remember visiting Sydney Uni. We sat in a lecture room in the Rosch building and I wondered what it would be like to be someone who walked into it and past it all the time, so that it became normal and familiar.

Today, I was walking past that same building, back towards home, and it hit me that somehow, it had become normal to walk through Sydney Uni with a coffee in hand, and back to my home in the middle of Newtown. The stuff of my daydreams for many years has become normality to me.

The college I always wanted to attend since beginning to follow Jesus is where I study and live, and today I fumbled through a Hebrew test for the first time. The places I wished I could see all the time are normal to me now.

And sometimes, I forget how much of a blessing that is. I forget that God has given me so much of what I didn’t dare pray for. He’s given me that, on top of the things I did pray for. I’m blessed beyond what I acknowledge most of the time.

And, I’m sorry I manage to forget it so often.

I’m blessed.


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