Hesitant, Determined, Joyful.

The boy looked around uncertainly at the end of the sermon, trying to work out what to do. He would half stand, then sit back down, then stand up, then sit back down. His anxiety was evident as some two hundred teenagers filtered out of the shed to talk and pray. He wanted to go, I think, but he couldn’t bring himself to.

As the songs gave him a place to hide, he rushed out the back like someone desperate to not miss a fleeting moment. His feet stamped against the ground hard as he brushed passed me and I watched him walk with determination to the back of the shed. I’m not sure what was happening at that moment, but I know God was at work.

We sat down and we prayed together. I had the privilege of praying with two of the youth from the church I serve in, and one earnestly prayed that God would show his love to people who had responded by going outside, and that they would love Him and follow Him forever.

After praying, we sang more. Two thousand voices lifting up Jesus as Lord and Saviour. It was then that I noticed the boy was back. He had returned to his row and was standing close by with hands folded uncomfortably across his stomach as he sang quietly How Great is Our God. His voice, shaky and emotional, began to rise. He sang louder and shamelessly off key and it was glorious. His arms unfolded and he raised one hand as he sang, smiling all the while. Unabashed joy and surrender was in that moment.

Truth be told, I don’t know who that boy was, but I’m praying that out of the hesitant decision, determined movement, and joyful surrender, God would bring another to be His for eternity. All because in a massive shed in cold Katoomba at Kyck 2013 the gospel was preached, and Jesus was glorified.

And that, friends, is epic.


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