Clarity in Coffee and Conversation

This morning I got out of bed earlier than I wanted to, and wandered to a cafe in Camperdown instead of my normal spots in Newtown, to meet up with a friend to talk about training. I admitted a few days ago that I’ve lost my spark and direction and am floundering to find a place in the obstacle racing world… and even in my own world, sometimes. 

With coffee for clarity, a cute kid for simple glee, and a friend to talk to, the morning was worth it. It’s strange how a conversation can make everything clearer, but sometimes you simply need someone else to say something to you for you to believe it. 

We talked about why we race, and why we train. I train because it makes me smile and feel strong, and I race because it means goals have been reached, and the fear of failure yet again conquered. 

We talked about chasing your own goals, not someone else’s. It isn’t my job to be anyone but me. God made me who I am, and he gave me the body he did, and he gave me the opportunities he has. Studying is my full time job currently, and that means that I need to throw myself into it. 

But training makes me happy, and that needs to be a priority, too. I need to chase joy, and for me, joy can be found in using this body God have me to do something fun, to do something challenging, and to just… move! 

With that in mind, I’m picking a race to train for, so that there’s a goal to chase. And most of all, my goal will be to chase down that joy, and catch it, because by God’s grace, it is possible. 


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