Regaining the desire to train.

My calf muscle has left me lacking in the desire to train. I’m aware that by taking on a run, or anything that engages my legs too much, I’m going to be in pain for the next day or so, and it isn’t the satisfied type of pain that muscle soreness normally is. It’s just frustrating. It makes me feel a little bit angry at myself for letting my leg get how it is, even though it isn’t actually anything I did wrong.

Today, a parcel arrived for me. It contained compression socks. Now, I’m the sort of person who is a little skeptical of tricks that make running easier. Compression gear has been an object of my cynicism for a while. But a sale, and my frustration, led me to purchase some compression socks that cover my calves.

After going for a walk today with a friend, I decided to test them out and see what they do for strength training, and also recovery time. It was a good opportunity to break out the kettlebells. I adore kettlebell training. It lets me have natural movements with my arms, that are a lot of fun, and honestly, there’s something satisfying about swinging a heavy object when you’re frustrated! I incorporated some squats and deadlifts. I took on some one armed swings (which, for the record, hurt!).

I sat down to stretch. And, so far, so good. My leg isn’t too sore. My arms are satisfied and sore. My Spartan Race finishers shirt got some usage. My smile returned somewhere in the middle of a deadlift.

I’ve spent the last few days trying to work out how to regain the desire to train, and maybe the solution is as simple as training. All I did was walk 3.5km and then do some strength work. It wasn’t overly strenuous, but it was something that challenged my underused muscles and took care of my injured calf muscle.

Maybe it’s as simple as training even when I don’t want to, because I’ve never regretted a training session (except that one when I injured my calf…)



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