In the middle of the city, a thousand tongues sang their great redeemers praises. In the middle of the city, Moore College graduates were congratulated for their hard work, prayed for that their work would be for the Lord and forever, and encouraged to contend for the gospel, even unto death. Moore College Graduation is a part of college life, and sitting at the back of the recital hall tonight, I felt privileged to be part of the life of this community. As I step into this place, others are leaving it, and it isn’t just the books we study or the lecturers that make this place; it is the fellowship that it is built upon that is based on Christ alone.

As I glanced across the program of the evening, I noticed something that should never have slipped my mind. One of the key people who encouraged me to persevere in ministry, and to eventually enter Moore, was graduating with his MA tonight. Suddenly, the night held a whole new meaning and blessing to it. I’ve been blessed to be part of his journey through college, and growth in ministry, and it is an epic thing to know that those who support me have gone through exactly what I’m facing for the next four years.

It is a joy to know that we are all working towards the same goal – the glory of God being seen and known and beheld by all. I suppose it could have been just another graduation from just another tertiary institution, with gowns that remind me of Harry Potter and pithy words to commend graduates to the world.

But, the difference is that we sing our great redeemer’s praise, and that same song has been sung for generations and will continue to be sung for many to come.

Tonight reminded me that to be here to study, is to prepare for a life of service to the Lord, just as those who have gone before me have.

I am truly blessed.


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