#92; down but not out

My calf muscle is so tight it feels like it might tear. It feels like an elastic band that’s been pulled too tight over and over again, and I’m beginning to wonder what will happen if I push it too hard. What does a tear feel like, anyway? What’s the healing time? I could Google these things, but to be honest I’m hoping to not need the answers. 
The Sprint is looming ever closer and an injury I’ve had for a while is causing problems. Doctors have looked at it and aren’t quite sure what’s happening, except for a tight muscle, and their solution is some simple stretching. I’m worried. Training has slowed down while I attempt to rest it and stretch it out regularly. Burpees that I’m growing to love are beginning to hurt more than they should. Carrying weight is straining my muscle more than it should.
Put it this way, friends: my mind is reeling with the possibility of not finishing. 
There is hope for me yet, though. I’m confident that even if my speed isn’t as great as I’d like it to be, my strength is built up and will get me over more obstacles than I’ve managed before. I’m confident that my mental grit has strengthened over these months of burpees, sandbags and kettlebell swings. 
Injuries aren’t the end of the world. They just make my approach a little bit different and limit the way I can train, and what I can train. Hill sprints are out, short runs are in. Burpees are limited, kettlebell swings are unlimited. 
My training doesn’t stop here, and my race isn’t over before it begins. I’m a bit disheartened and quite worried, but still determined to know at that finish line. Tomorrow, Kings of the Sand will test out exactly how much I can push without too much pain, and I’m roadtesting some KT tape as well. Here’s hoping!

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