#91; don’t call them girl push ups, please.

Please, don’t call them “girl push ups.” If you have any respect for our friendship, you’ll find another name for them, and you won’t dare call a push up a “man push up.” I implore you, as fellow Spartans and those who seek for people to push themselves out of their comfort zone, to call a push up a push up and label the “girl push up” in a new way. 
Last time I checked, gender did not dictate my ability to do a push up a certain way. Last time I checked, there were some tough Spartan Chicks who could smash some of the toughest men on and off the course, and look good whilst doing it. 
Forgive me the rant, but it’s necessary. I’ll tell you why. 
For too long, women have been told that they are capable of less, and to take the easy way out. We’ve been told that we should work out to be slim and toned, while men work towards being strong. The images of “strong women” that we conjure in our imaginations are of muscle bound models with pecs instead of breasts and grunts instead of grins. That isn’t the case. 
I’m finding more and more that there are strong women, who can do push ups, burpees, pull ups, squats, and almost anything else, and their concern about the number on the scale is lacking. They possess the strength to cross a finish line – both in a race, and in life. This strength inspires me on the days when I wonder if health is worth pursuing. These are the people that move me from my knees to my toes when it comes to a push up. 
See, by calling them girl push ups, we restrict our gender to something less than what we are capable. Get off your knees and do one push up. Tomorrow, do two. Then, three. Eventually you’ll feel equally sore and strong and I hope you’ll realise that you’re not less than our male counterparts. You’re strong. That’s worth fighting for.
Please, don’t call them “girl push ups.” Better yet, don’t even do them. Spartan up, friends. 

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