#89; stories and sandbags

I love to read. I especially love reading fantasy novels that create epic worlds where there are battles between good and evil, struggles to overcome adversity, and heroes that are really just regular people at the heart of it all. A good story drags me into it and I only leave when I absolutely have to.

Donald Miller once wrote about how we are all living stories. We live out our lives and each day adds another chapter to the winding, twisting, long journey that is our story. That idea caught me. The idea that every day I’ve been given a chance, by God’s grace, to live out a story that tells of His goodness and glory. One that speaks of joy and love and determination.

Today, I dragged myself out of bed at 6am to get to Spartan HQ. A small group of us spent time filling 200 sandbags for the Hurricane WOD tomorrow. It was done in the streets of the Inner West, and with steady method and easy conversation. We exchanged stories about life and why we do what we do. We asked questions. We overfilled some bags so that maybe tomorrow people will get a rude shock when they pick up a supposedly 10kg sandbag… And, no it wasn’t intentional. We were just a little distracted by the good company.

As I got home, I was thinking about stories and how I’d always wanted to live one that pursued joy, and loved boldly, and took on challenges fearlessly. And here I am, living a story that is just what it should be. Not all roses, but it is all about the pursuit of joy – of life lived to the full.

Maybe, just maybe, this life is better than the stories woven in so many novels that I love.


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