#80; not all calories are created equal!

Today, I finished up at Youthworks College. I’ve spent the last four years there and have found it to be the most amazing, and most challenging, time of my life. We spent today getting some work done around the college – moving firewood for some, and mulching gardens for myself and a whole lot of others. My arms are aching from the effort but my heart is so full of joy that it’s hard to explain.

With that in mind, I meandered to Macarthur Square and picked up some board shorts and a necklace to celebrate the end of a chapter, and then dropped into Woolworths to take care of dinner. In the past, I’d pick up McDonalds, but over the last year I’ve learnt this: not all calories are created equal!

A Cheeseburger is about 200 calories, I think. My dinner tonight was also 200 calories. Chicken, avocado, tomato, pine nuts and baby spinach, accompanied by Mint Ginger iced tea that I left to chill for a few days while I was at college. My dinner filled my up. A Cheeseburger wont.

Here’s what I think.

I think our bodies are made to process good food – stuff that is fresh, real and tasty. I think when we shovel food that is more oil and sugar than nutrients, then we run into problems. We don’t just mess with physical health, but emotional too.

Don’t just count calories. Make the calories you do consume count!


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