#79; an open letter to Spartan Race Australia

There’s something you need to understand about me. You need to understand that I spent most of my life hiding in fiction because it felt safer there. It was less risky than reality. There was adventure without challenge and experience without effort. That life meant that I wasn’t healthy, though. I wasn’t physically, emotionally or mentally healthy. Hiding broke me down. Hiding made me fear everything.

One day, I think I got tired of it. I think I got tired of the monotony of fiction. You could read another book but nothing ever changed. It never changed me. It never did anything. I was tired, I was broken, and I decided that it had to change. And, it did change.

I lost some weight, I gained a lot of confidence, and realised that reality, whilst hard, is well worth the fight. February last year I took part in my first ever event, and it was a Warrior Dash. It was a long, hard slog of 5km that left me exhilarated. It was something that I had finished. I wanted to keep finishing.

Warrior Dash finish.

In a brave moment, I decided to sign up for Tough Mudder when it hit Sydney in September. I had looked at the course and concluded that it was impossible to finish, and then I remembered that “impossible” means that I should try and prove myself wrong. I signed up. I forgot. I trained closer to the event and got ready. One of my “training runs” was my first ever fun run – city2surf, and I ran for Scripture Union

Next up was the impossible. It was Tough Mudder. The week before I was knocked out with a nasty cold, and Tough Mudder was honestly one of the best, hardest days of my life. My brain kept telling me to give in, but my determination (see: pride) and my friends wouldn’t let me give in. I had to finish. I had to keep going. So, I did. 
With the impossible made possible, I ventured a few weeks later into a mini-triathlon and experienced my first ever race where everything went wrong. A flat tyre, and shoes that were just a little too dodgy to be healthy to run in, rendered me tired and worn, but I got across the finish line and slunk away to drink a strong coffee.

Finally, I went on holidays. I got the chance to rock my Mudder t-shirt in a few places and got many comments about how people wish they could do it. I wondered at how I became someone who is capable of doing that which others fear attempting… Then I celebrated!
Tough Mudder tee at Dog on The Tuckerbox. 

 Spartan, here’s the story. I’ve come a long way and survived a lot of races. I’ve crossed the finish line. I’ve survived and got the t-shirts, medals and headbands to prove it. But with you, I want more. I don’t want to survive the Spartan. I want to smash it. I want to obliterate the course and I want it to regret the day it met me.

But I’ve still got a way to go before then. That’s why I’m writing to you, because I need you to know that I intend on facing up to the start line fearlessly and with fitness that I’ve never had before. I need you to hold me to that. Can you do that? Can you help me smash the course to bits? Because, you know, I’d love that. You, me and the impossible becoming possible.

Maybe that’d get some other people off their butts and onto the road for a run and onto the ground for some push ups. Maybe, just maybe, we can accomplish something together.

What do you say, Spartan?

Yours muddily,

Spartan Race Australia replied. Yes, we are talking.

Welcome, Spartan. You *have* come a long way. There is no other race like a Spartan Race though – guaranteed, it’ll be the toughest task you’ve undertaken since you started your fight. We’d like to document and share your progress with your fellow Spartiates right up until you cross the finish line. Are you game? If so, let’s talk.


13 thoughts on “#79; an open letter to Spartan Race Australia

  1. Abby says:

    I love this post! And I totally understand how you felt like you survived the other races and really want to smash the next! I've done a few 5k races and I really want to rock my first 10k! Congrats on your progress and keep on rockin' girl! You can do it! 😀


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