Looking Down, or Looking Up?

When my shoulders feel weighed with shame, my eyes automatically fall to my feet. My shoes become the most interesting object in the world, and it isn’t rare that I will bump into a doorway because I just cannot bring myself to lift my eyes. Shame causes me to look down. It’s easier. It’s simpler. You can see it in other people, too. As you walk out of Central Station, look at the homeless people who loiter around the shelter of the building. They don’t often make eye contact. They look down, to the safety of their ragged shoes.

The sky has always fascinated me, though. The stars, especially. Or, at sunset, when the sky begins to stretch out so tightly that you can see the clouds expand so that the bright colours of God’s glorious artwork are on display. The moment when I shift my eyes from my feet to the sky is when the shame begins to lift. It is when I remember who I am in Him. It is when I am reminded that my shame has been lifted by the One who made the stars.

Some days I find myself staring at my shoes. Looking down in shame, because of who I am.

Those days I need to look up. I need to look to where the heavens are declaring the glory of God and remember that Jesus is that glory, and that he bore my shame so I would never have to.

Are you looking down today? Are your shoes the most interesting item in the world? Look up. See the heavens declare His glory and know that your shame is no more.


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