#78; the one where the girl gets out of town.

On Wednesday, I’m setting off on an adventure with a good friend. We’re both students who work for churches, so there’s this awesome understanding that we have of each other that a lot of people don’t get. We’re spending ten days on the road together. A few days to get to Adelaide, a few days there, and a few days to get home. Ten days all up, ending with another friend’s wedding to attend.

I’m beyond excited to get out of town. In fact, it’s at the point where the excitement isn’t excitement. It’s relief. It’s not that I want to get away, it’s that I need to get away. Deep down in my gut, I just need a rest. I need a break. I need freedom from expectation, just for a little while. A road trip is ideal for that.

Here are my health-related goals for this grand adventure, though:

  1. Run through three towns I’ve never run before. 
  2. Drink at least two litres of water every day. 
  3. Plank every day. 
  4. Smile and laugh – a lot.

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