Bob Goff wrote a book. If you don’t know who he is, you should read his book because then you wont forget him. He lives this life where he just… does things. He does things because he believes that God calls us to live bold lives of love, and so he let a stranger propose to his girlfriend on his boat, and he and his children wrote letters to foreign leaders to propose peace talks, and he built a lodge in the woods that you can only get to by boat. He just does this stuff. Life is an adventure. I love that. I love the thought that God doesn’t just call us to live – but he calls us to live with whimsy and joy and courage because that is how He made us.

Next week my friend Yvonne and I are going on a road trip together, because I have annual leave to use up and she wants a holiday. We’ve got rooms booked each night, but everything in between is up for grabs, and I’m excited because I know that when we step away from that which makes us comfortable, God does all sorts of things in us and through us. I’m excited to talk for hours and to sit on the side of the road clutching cheap coffee. I’m excited to read the Bible and let the words sink deep into my soul rather than rushing away to the next item on my t0-do list for the day.

I’m excited to spend ten days living the story that God has called me to in the moment. I’m excited to share with a youth group in Adelaide about how self-harm does not define you, but rather that Christ does. I want to live a life like Bob Goff does because I think that God calls us to such a life. I cannot wait.

For those ten days, the 17th to the 27th I wont be posting here, nor tweeting, nor e-mailing, nor facebooking. For that limited time, my companions will be cheap coffee, a close friend, and long winding roads that declare the glory of God by being so full of questions and adventures that it cannot be expressed.

See you on the flip side, friends.


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