#66; a sunday of firsts.

I got home to find a half torn envelope in my letter box, containing the above shirt. It brought a smile to my face and anxiety to my sore legs. On Sunday morning, I’m attempting the city2surf for the first time. I’ve never done it. I’ve never attempted a 14km run, and I don’t hold any belief that I’ll run the whole course, but I will finish it. I will come across the finish line. 
And for the first time ever, see Bondi. 
I don’t recall ever being at Bondi Beach, which is a little sad for someone who grew up pretty close to the city. The beaches on the South Coast are, however, amazing, so I don’t think I missed too much. It’s going to be a good morning. The fact that I’m running at 8:03am, pretty soon after the seeded runners, is a bit intimidating. I’ll be slow.
I’ll finish, though. 
It’ll be the first time. 
But surely, not the last.
There’s still time to sponsor me, too! Get on it! 


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