#64; not afraid.

Standing at the bottom of the wall, I looked up and shook my head a little. There were a few people in line in front of me, each and every one covered from head to toe in mud. Warrior Dash had so far brought with it a few challenges, but none that made me tremble as much as this wall. When my turn came, I grasped the rope and walked at that scarily awkward angle, my heart racing. I reached the top and let out a sigh of relief, but as it turns out, I had miscalculated the gap between the top of the wall and my feet. They slipped before I could get them over the wall.
I was left hanging onto the rope, scrambling to get to the top. People tried to pull me over, to no avail. Someone even climbed up behind me to give me a boost, but it didn’t work. I felt defeated. I slid carefully down the wall, but even with the care, the result was a long graze on each of my forearms.
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Head over to Fitfluential where I guest posted today. 

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