#60; prepared.

On Monday, I go back to college. College is my healthy eating downfall. The food is tasty, but when cooking for a heap of people, I guess it’s hard to consider nutrition heaps. That said, I went and did some grocery shopping today. It’s a good way to get my head in check for the week to come. 
Snacks are in containers – carrot and celery sticks, with little tubs of hommus alongside them. There’s some yoghurt that’s great. There are a few meals ready to be eaten, and of course, some cider for a lovely treat. It’s pear and strawberry. SO GOOD. 
But, I’ll let you in on a secret of mine. Here in Australia, kangaroo meat is pretty cheap, and it’s really really good for you. I used to feel a pang of guilt whenever I ate it, but over time it’s gone away and it’s now my favourite meat. 
Cheap, lovely, tasty, healthy. That’s my tip for today – if you’re in Australia (or, if they sell it anywhere near you), pick up some kangaroo and try it out. You wont regret it. 
I’m ready for college to go back. I’m ready to start thinking hard again. I’m ready to tackle some more of learning Greek. I’m ready. This weeks mission is to eat clean, completely and utterly clean. I’ll run and swim and bike, too. But nutrition is number one this week. 
How do you get prepared for the week?

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